Information management

Management needs the right information to make the right decision.
How does an organization ensure it has the right information?
How do we ensure the information is accurate and helps employees perform their work? How we can develop a document that can be used for several purposes?

We can help you solve these questions with the research-based solution Information Mapping® methodology and tools.

We will support you to make your information work!

Information Mapping Training

We provide on-site and e-learning training options.

This is the Foundation course that provides the basis for other courses with basic information to create clear and understandable text.

In this course you learn how to use the skills from the Foundation course to create clear, efficient procedures, instructions and training materials that are easy to read, analyze and update.

This course is for those who write operational procedures, user guides, reference and training materials (e.g., Technical writers, training material developers).

In this course we learn powerful techniques for information analysis, organization and presentation.

This course answers the need for creating easy to read and understand reports, memos, product descriptions and other business communications in a shorter time. The foundation course is needed before taking this.

This course is perfect for project managers, engineers, sales people and other business and technical professionals, who need a clear, efficient and systematic approach to writing communications.

In this course, the participant learns how to use the basic course knowledge to create ready to use web-content. In addition, the user can easily navigate, understand and read web-pages.

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Information Mapping ® services

We provide Information Mapping® training and documentation development services. What document types do you have? Are they training materials, product specifications, operational procedures, marketing, compliance requirements? We help you develop them and ensure they help you improve your business. In the following table we present som
Service Description
Content audit process This process reviews the status of your documentation. It analyses your document, how it is created, and what it is used for. This process reveals the documentation gaps, inconsistencies and redundancies and how they were created.
Knowledge extractionInterview the experts and the users and clarify the document goals. We work together to better understand how the document is used and distributed.
Content architectureWe define the document types and their sources of information. Together define the process for documents creation, storage, sharing and usage.
Deployment roadmap We build the applicable documentation strategy for your organization and define the phases to improve current process.
Support Develop style instructions, document templates and checklists, that support a working and efficient documentation process.
Writing resources We provide a writer’s team to support you rewrite your existing document or create a new one.
Training Information Mapping® – methodology training

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Documentation Software

FS Pro 2020 is a tool developed by Information Mapping® International that supports the creation of documents based on the Information Mapping® -methodology.