Our Services

Project and program management training

We have extensive experience managing projects and programs in the Information Technologies and Telecommunication business. We provide customized training to support your needs and success.

Information management

We help the organizations manage their information to maximise knowledge access and succeed in their business.

We provide tools, methods and services to support you in your information management efforts – to make Information Work! Our tool and method are based on the research-based Information Mapping® – methodology.

Managing hybrid projects and programs

Today many organizations are constantly discussing how to manage their projects and programs. The growing use of Agile methodology creates new challenges for traditional project managers.

  • What is a hybrid project?
  • How to manage a hybrid project?
  • What challenges do we face in hybrid projects?
  • And how we can solve those?

In our training course we answer these questions and others that will help you succeed in your hybrid projects and programs.

Building a project management culture in the organization

Organizations establish the Project Management Office (PMO) to support
sales organization,
deliver projects to customers,
to implement their strategy and,
develop their project culture

We help your organization build and develop the PMO that supports your organization strategy implementation and maintain a sustainable business.